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Manitoba Extends COVID-19 Restrictions Into June

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Remote learning will continue for Manitoba students also into June

Manitoba has been under heightened COVID-19 restrictions for nearly a month with the hope of keeping the spread of the virus to a minimum. As vaccines begin to make their way into the arms of every Manitoban that wants one, the virus count continues to spike daily, now making Manitoba the COVID-19 capital based on infections per capita.

In a press release yesterday, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, extended the provinces COVID-19 restrictions while urging Manitobans to get vaccinated. Manitoba’s testing and vaccination process appear to be operating with a high level of efficiency in comparison to other provinces. Manitobans can book their vaccination and testing online, and be accommodated the same day or walk into a designated vaccine super centre to be vaccinated, no appointment necessary.

“Manitobans must stay home as much as possible for the next two weeks so our hospitals and our medical teams have the capacity to care for Manitobans when they need it,” said Pallister. “These measures, which are the most stringent public health orders in the country, are necessary to protect and safeguard Manitoba lives. We need the full participation of all Manitobans for these strict public health measures to work so we can bend our COVID curve back down and get back to doing some of the things we love and miss.”

The new strengthened public health orders make them the strongest in the country and will remain in place for another two weeks. “Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools currently learning remotely in the cities of Winnipeg and Brandon, and in the Red River Valley and Garden Valley school divisions, will continue until June 7. Schools in Dauphin will continue remote learning until June 9.” Said Dr Brent Roussin

Manitoba’s healthcare system is under critical stress and their intensive care units have reached full capacity, forcing the government to transfer out patients to neighbouring provinces for some major surgeries. With a steady climb of COVID-19 cases daily at 300 plus and eight newly reported deaths yesterday, Prime Minister Trudeau has responded to Manitoban Premier Pallister’s call for assistance and more resources are being deployed to the prairie province.

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