Post COVID-19 Marketing Tools And Apps To Give Your Biz A Boost
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Post COVID-19 Marketing Tools And Apps To Give Your Biz A Boost

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Many business owners do not have a post-COVID-19 marketing strategy

By Jayden Foley

Whether your business has survived through the ongoing pandemic so far, or you’re only just planning on launching within the next couple of months, there’s no doubt that COVID-19 has put a severe strain on the way that companies conduct their business. From having employees who work from, through to selling an increasing number of products online, today’s modern businesses need to use all the tools at their disposal to ensure a successful, thriving future.

Below, we explore some of the best online tools and apps that you can start using today!

Google Workspace

Formerly known as Google G Suite, Google Workspace is one of the absolute best online tools businesses are using to help survive today’s increasingly digital landscape.

Businesses can easily create and share files to multiple devices in real-time if needed using the online application. Workspace gives you the instant ability to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and all sorts of other files that are often integral to a modern business’s success. With Workspace’s standard package, you’ll get about 30 GB of online storage per user. However, you can upgrade storage and features for businesses that need more!


With SurveyMonkey, brands can easily create wholly customized surveys, using their branding and marketing, to learn virtually anything from their target audience. Whether you need to get anonymous customer feedback, measure user engagement, or simply want to ask your follower what they’ve been up to during the pandemic, SurveyMonkey is the perfect tool for doing so! SurveyMonkey also offers online resources of tips and information for collecting information. Plus, you can even share your survey results and reports with your team without sharing any of your login credentials!

Microsoft Office & OneDrive

Although they’re primarily known for making computers, Microsoft Office and OneDrive are two online marketing tools that you can use to help your business weather the ongoing pandemic. With Office, similar to Google’s Workspace, you’ll have access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more to create virtually any type of documents needed. Then, using OneDrive, you can store and share your documents with your team from one simple, safe, secure, and convenient location!

Logo Creator

Modern brands need modern branding tools, which, of course, include custom logos and graphics. Logo Creator is an entirely free-to-use online app that allows you to take your logo ideas and seamlessly bring them to life! With Logo Creator, you can create your logos, export them, or share them when and where needed!


In today’s digital marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to rank as #1 on Google’s result pages. However, using a marketing tool like SurferSEO, you can readily perform keyword analysis and optimize your website’s written content, making it more likely that search engines will find your pages. Not only will SurferSEO show you which keywords you should be targeting, but it will also provide you with virtually all the LSI keywords, keyword densities, and topics to use in your content to help you outrank your competition!

Moz’s Keyword Explorer

If you still need help ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs), make sure to add Moz’ Keyword Explorer to your list of marketing apps. Using Moz, you can easily find out how many people are searching for specific keyword terms, as well as finding new keyword ideas that you may not have thought of otherwise!

Whether you need help marketing or branding your business or simply optimizing your daily operations, this list of online tools and apps is meant to help you out along the way! Of course, these are only a few of the best marketing apps available. But by using them, you’ll be well on your way to building a business that can weather any storm!

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