Ontario Muslim Family Killed In Hate Crime
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Ontario Muslim Family Killed In Hate Crime

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Ontario Muslim community still in a state of shock by the murder of Afzaal family

Hate crimes have seen a massive uptick with the election of US President Donald Trump. His election signalled to the world that racism, bigotry, homophobia and misinformation was ok. And with that heinous train of thought, his ideology spilt over into Canada that also saw an increase in hate crimes specifically against Asians, South Asians and Muslims.

Just so we are clear, Canada is not immune to hate crimes and has its own history of atrocities committed against many groups, but none more marginalized than the Indigenous people. On Sunday, June 4, 2020, Nathanial Veltman, 20, of London, Ontario drove his pickup truck into a Muslim family killing four generations of Canadians.

I’m horrified by the news from London, Ontario. To the loved ones of those who were terrorized by yesterday’s act of hatred, we are here for you. We are also here for the child who remains in hospital – our hearts go out to you, and you will be in our thoughts as you recover.” Said, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The killings are being described as premeditated hate crimes against the family for the Muslim heritage. A statement from the London Police force said, “While we understand the public’s desire for information, we are mindful that there are serious charges before the courts and that we must let the judicial process unfold.”

Today the community plans to hold a candlelight vigil honouring the families of this heinous act of terrorism.

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