Beginning Of The Naftali Bennett Era
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Beginning Of The Naftali Bennett Era

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Bennett’s Coalition government may be toppled before he serves out his two year term

For twelve years Benjamin Netanyahu has been a controversial figure at the helm of Israeli politics. Netanyahu’s Prime Ministership was filled with controversy, scandals and multiple accusations of corruption worthy enough for a really bad Hollywood movie. With his ouster at the Knesset, Israel’s coalition government signals some tiny optimism that peace in the region maybe plausible.

In Bennett’s maiden speech as Prime Minister, he speaks of unity and peace among Israel and Arab States. Bennett is saying the right things, but nothing that has not been heard by any other Israeli Prime Minister. “The external challenges we face are great: the Iranian nuclear project, which is moving towards a crucial point; the ongoing war on terror; Israel’s image in the world and the unfair treatment it receives in international institutions – these are all sizable and complex tasks.

At this time, we are also facing an internal challenge. The ongoing rift in the nation, as we see in these very moments, which continues to rip apart the seams that hold us together, and has thrown us – one election after another – into a maelstrom of hatred and in-fighting.” Said Bennett

The new Prime Minister’s inflection of outside external forces being the source of Israel’s conflict is far less a problem than the issues at home. It also shows the new Prime Minister’s lack to acknowledge real issues at home. The region is a complete mess and Bennett’s role as Prime Minister is only for two years, providing his coalition government does not get toppled prior to his transfer of power.

No one gets everything they want in a negotiation, but everyone gets something they need, and until both nations have bold leaders that are transcendent, peace in the region is nothing but words for the “men” calling the shots to remain in power.

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