"Joints For Jabs" Canadian Company Offers A Year Of Free Cannabis To Get Vaccinated
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“Joints For Jabs” Canadian Company Offers A Year Of Free Cannabis To Get Vaccinated

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Delta 9 offers Manitobans a chance to win a year supply of free cannabis to get vaccinated

The vast majority of Canadians do not need to be incentivized to get vaccinated to slow the spread of COVID-19. Yet, there still remains a large sector of society that are against vaccines for a multitude of reasons. Vaccines are the key to a return to normalcy or as close to it as possible.

Manitoban Cannabis company Delta 9 is offering one year of free Cannabis as an incentive to Manitobans to get vaccinated. Everyone that is full vaccinated within the legal age of consumption, can enter their name into the Cannabis lottery.

“We want to encourage all Manitobans to get vaccinated as soon as possible to help ensure that we can all get back to doing the things we love with our friends and family,” said John Arbuthnot, CEO of Delta 9. “Our hope is that the “Joints for Jabs” program will contribute to achieve this objective.”

The “Joints for Jabs” incentive lottery is by far one of the most creative programs in place to boost the vaccine rate of Manitobans. As summer starts to peak its head around the corner, companies and governments are pulling out all stops to encourage everyone that vaccines are the key to return to normalcy.

The Delta 9 “Joints for Jabs” is a tiered program with prize draws on July 31, August 31, and September 30.

  • Three Grand Prize Draws for a One Year Supply of Cannabis ($100 per month for 12 months – equivalent to approximately 28 grams per month).
  • 20 Free Joints Each Month at Every Delta 9 Cannabis Store Location in MB
  • Delta 9 Branded Apparel Giveaways

As Manitobans start to see clear signs of a return to normalcy across the border with packed arenas, large social gatherings and celebratory events, the added incentive with a cannabis lottery is not only welcomed. It may be the catalyst needed to help clear the smoke about vaccination.

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