Georgia is just one of many Red states passing Bills to make it harder for Black and minorities to cast a ballot

US Department Of Justice To Sue Georgia For Voting Rights Restrictions

Georgia is just one of many Red states passing Bills to make it harder for Black and minorities to cast a ballot

The US state of Georgia has been a Republican strong hold at all levels of government. The state has also one of the most dismal historic records when it comes to human rights, voters suppression, segregation and acts of violence against the black community and people of colour.

After the 2020 election that saw the Democrats turn a staunch Republican State Blue, a massive campaign of misinformation and lawsuits by the Trump administration and GOP ensued indicated the election was rigged due to widespread voter fraud. With a national misinformation campaign, in came sweeping voter suppression laws aimed at making it even more difficult for Black Americans to cast a ballot.

The Georgia House controlled by the Republicans passed House Bill 531 which is also expected to pass in the Republican controlled Senate that has also drafted their own version of a voter suppression bill. The bill is a slap in the face for Georgians, considering the majority of the state voted for Joe Biden.

Georgia is not the only Republican controlled state that passed sweeping elections laws aimed at suppressing votes of Black Americans and minorities. The election reform bills are so suppressive and discriminatory, they are being called the Jim Crow Bills.

Today the Us Department of Justice announced it will be taking the State of Georgia to court for enacting laws that suppress the votes of Georgians. It is also suspected that the US Government will file additional suits against the states that passed or in the process of passing similar Jim Crow Bills.

This move to sue the State of Georgia is important considering the US Senate Republicans voted unanimously against bringing the John Lewis voting rights Bill to the Senate floor for debate. The Bill was passed in the US House but died on the floor of the Senate. Although the Democrats have control of the Senate, Conservative Democrat Joe Manchin refused to vote with his own party to abolish the Filibuster that has grid locked Washington and impede the legislation process.

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