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Canadian Author Gains International Recognition For Her Book On Mental Health

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Canadian Author Sandra L.A Boszko, Indie Book Awards Finalist for “Welcome To California”

Decades ago, being diagnosed with Mental Health was perceived to be the end of the world and was taboo to talk about. People who needed real help were ashamed to ask for it and suffered in silence. With many brave voices over the last decade like Sandra L.A Boszko, the stigma of Mental Health and the perception of people are being changed. Governments and employers are investing millions into well the being of their citizens and employees especially in the time of a global pandemic.

Today Canadian author and mental health champion Sandra LA Boszko’s inaugural book “Welcome To California” was named one of the best indie books of 2021 by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group. It recounts how her mental illness led to a wrongful and traumatic incarceration in the Los Angeles County jail system.

Sandra’s incarceration lasted 10 days while her family struggled to locate her and to convince the courts that she was in need of medical care. During that time, she experienced abusive guards, isolation and neglect.

Welcome To California: From L.A. County Jail To #1 In Sales, is a stunning, funny, and heartbreaking memoir, that recalls one woman’s diagnosis with bipolar disorder, which ultimately leads to her wrongful and traumatic incarceration in the Los Angeles County jail system.

“The whole experience was horrific,” she says. “Writing this book was cathartic and helped with the overwhelming anxiety and PTSD that resulted from this damaging ordeal. I never had that before.”

The Indie Book Awards is the world’s largest book awards program for independent authors. Welcome To California’s nomination further highlights the amazing talent and literature coming out of Canada. The impressive nod for the first time author has left readers wanting more, and asking what’s next. Perhaps we may see “Welcome To California” on the Big Screen?

After reading Welcome To California, I had a deep sense of empathy for the author and found her words to be profound and comforting to anyone struggling with mental illness. I highly recommend reading this book as it is on its way to being the first of many bestsellers to come for Canadian author, Sandra L.A Boszko.

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