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Manitobans Enjoy The First Weekend Of Reduced Restrictions Since Early May

COVID-19 Restrictions to Slowly Ease in Manitoba as case drop

By Maryam Razzaq

Though some COVID-19 restrictions have eased beginning this past weekend in Manitoba, Dr Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s chief provincial public health officer says further restrictions will stay in place until vaccination targets are met.

No new COVID-19 related deaths were announced and only 61 cases have been identified in Manitoba today. The last time that Manitoba reported no deaths was May 28, 2021, and today marks the lowest daily cases since April 6, 2021. Manitoba’s total COVID-19 case count is 56,036 with a five-day test positivity rate of 6.2 per cent. Of the 61 cases identified today, 27 were identified in Winnipeg, 20 in the Interlake-Eastern Health Region, 8 in the Northern Health Region, 4 in the Southern Health region and 2 in the Prairie Mountain Health Region. Manitoba currently has 1454 active cases.

Manitobans Enjoy The First Weekend Of Reduced Restrictions Since Early May

Manitoba officials have stated that there are 95 Manitobans with active COVID-19 in hospitals, and 88 who are no longer infectious but require care. Among the active COVID-19 cases, 26 are in the ICU and 24 are no longer infectious but require intensive care. There remains 11 Manitobans who are receiving ICU treatment in Ontario.

Dr Roussin reminds Manitobans again today that though Manitoba is beginning to ease restrictions, people must be mindful of all the public health orders and continue to abide by them to ensure there is a minimal transmission of COVID-19. 

“We were in a place to move to that step one, and you can see that step one still has numerous restrictions, still fairly tight restrictions. If we start losing sight of this virus and dramatically increasing the amount of contacts we have, then we are certainly at risk of seeing a resurgence of cases”, said Dr Roussin.

Manitobans must continue to stay mindful of all provincial guidelines announced as the province eases COVID-19 restrictions to ensure there continues to be progress made towards reducing the transmission of COVID-19.

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