26 Colombians & 2 Haitian-Americans Suspects Identified In President Moise’s Assassination

Suspects in the assassination of President Moise had travelled to Haiti as early as May

By Maryam Razzaq

Intelligence agencies and law enforcements continue to investigate the ties of suspects from Haitian American and Colombian backgrounds to the assassination of Haiti President Moise. The investigation and manhunt continues as authorities look for various other individuals they have narrowed down as suspects of the crime. 

Haitian police have arrested 17 of 28 suspects who are thought to be involved in the assassination of President Moise this past Wednesday. The United States, Colombia and Interpol have offered their support and assistance as the investigation continues to develop. 

The United States will be sending Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials and FBI agents to Port-au-Prince, where President Moise was assassinated. 

“In response to the Haitian’s government’s request for security and investigative assistance, we will be sending senior FBI and DHS officials to Port-au-Prince to access the situation and how we may be able to assist. The investigation is being lef by Haitian police forced on the ground,” said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Some of the suspects were caught yesterday and Colombian passports and weapons were seized. The other two suspects caught were Haitian-Americas, identified as Joseph Vincent, 55, and James Solages, 35. Haitian police have identified these individuals as part of the group of individuals who attacked and killed President Moise while severely injuring First Lady Moise.

Haitian authorities collect foreign passports, weapons and other items from the suspects involved in the assassination of Haiti President Moise. Photograph: Reuters.

After investigation into one of the Haitian-American suspects, James Solages, it has been found that he does not have a criminal record, but held security officer and firearm licenses. According to Solages’ uncle Schubery Dorisme, Solage was extremely critical of Moise’s leadership and often discussed how his refusal to step down from his role has a significant impact on the growing political and social unrest in Haiti. Solage often travelled to Haiti, though he lived in Tamarac, Florida, United States.  

While the United States have offered their assistance in the investigation, they have refused to comment on any specifics on the Haitian-American assassination suspects. 

Colombian President released a statement on his official Twitter account outlining that he spoke with the Prime Minister of Haiti, Claude Joseph and has expressed his solidarity, support and complete collaboration in the investigation of the assassination of President Moise.

“I have ordered the Direction of the DNI and the Director of Intelligence of the Colombia Police to provide all the support and travel in the next few hours with Interpol Colombia personnel to Haiti to join the effort of the authorities of the nation,” said Colombia President Ivan Duque.

Police were engaged in a gun fight with the suspects on Wednesday in Port-au-Prince. Eleven other suspects had been arrested at the Taiwan embassy on Thursday as the individuals broke into the embassy.

As of the most recent update, General Luis Fernando Navarro of the Colombian armed forces confirmed that 13 of its former soldiers are among the suspects of Haiti President Moise. 2 of the suspects were killed during the gun fight and 11 are currently in custody. Navarro further elaborated that the suspects were part of the Colombian military from 2002 to 2018 and specifically were only assigned to “mercenary activities” with economic motives. Some of the suspects travelled to Haiti in early May which only alludes to the thoughtful planning behind the assassination of President Moise. 

Haitian police have confirmed that President Moise, 52 was found on his back with 12 bullet wounds and First Lady Moise, 47, was seriously injured and transferred to Florida. She is now in stable condition.

The head of the national Colombia police, General Jorge Luis Vargas has confirmed that Colombian officials are investigating four business who are said to have been involved in the recruitment process of the suspects.

More updates will be shared as the investigation continues.

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