Is Sheila North About To Make History In Manitoba?
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Is Sheila North About To Make History In Manitoba?

If elected, North will become Manitoba’s first female Grand Chief of the AMC

By Donovan Martin Jr

Today the election for the newest Manitoban Grand Chief is taking place on the Long Plain First Nation and any person may view it on the AMC Facebook Love. Incumbent Grand Chief Arlen Dumas will be running against two former grand chiefs of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO) region, David Harper and Sheila North. If North is to win, she’ll make history as one of the few woman to ever be Manitoba Grand Chief ever.

North will use the position to address the seldom present elder care, mental health resources, and other health-care services for First Nations across Manitoba. Such issues have been made worse by the COVID-19. She further wishes to stimulate success in First Nations people, providing students with better education and entrepreneurs more business opportunities. 

“We have to be able to support that even further, so more participation can happen and also growth can happen — not just within First Nations but, of course, [across] our province.”

If North wins, she will become the first women to hold the title of AMC Grand Chief. Not only will she increase the amount of woman holding positions of power and influence in Manitoba, she will represent Manitoba’s Indigenous community on the national stage. A stage that just saw the election of RoseAnne Archibald, the first ever female National Grand Chief of the Assembly of First Nations.

Image found on Youtube Page of Sheila North

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