Paul Hodgkins Jan 6th Insurrectionist, Sentenced to Eight Months in Prison

Paul Hodgkins Jan 6th Insurrectionist, Sentenced to Eight Months in Prison

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hodgkins becomes the first over 500 Insurrectionist to be sentenced to prison for their role in violent attack on the US Capitol By Dami Igbinyemi Paul Hodgkins, a Florida man that made it onto the Senate floor carrying a TRUMP flag on January 6th the day the deadly insurrection took place at the US Capitol, Read More…

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The Hubble Space Telescope Returns To Action

Reading Time: 2 minutes After a month-long period of inhibition, the Hubble Space Telescope is fully operational again after a succesful remote repair. By Donovan Martin Jr. One of Earth’s greatest looks to the great unknown of space, the Hubble Telescope, is finally operational again. With the telescope being constructed in the 1980s and launched on April 24, 1990, Read More…

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Israel’s Police Force Storm Al-Aqsa Holy Mosque In The Middle Of Prayer

Reading Time: 2 minutes House of prayer was considered a sacred site for worshipping By Maryam Razzaq The Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is Islam’s third holiest site in occupied Jerusalem was stormed by Israeli settlers and police. Tear gas was launched, and rubber-coated bullets were used to attack Palestinian worshippers. The Israeli police forced out the peaceful worshippers from their Read More…

Canada Commits $200K To West Africa Mine Research
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Canada Commits $200K To West Africa Mine Research

Reading Time: < 1 minutes The majority of natural resources in Africa are owned by western corporations By Dami Igbinyemi The mineral industry of Africa is the largest mineral industry in the world, producing almost 60 metal and mineral products. The region is an important source of gold, iron, ore, uranium, and diamonds. Most of the mineral wealth remains undeveloped Read More…