What Kids Can Expect Heading Back To School In September
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What Kids Can Expect Heading Back To School In September

COVID-19 protocols is the new normal

By Leah Whitley

With schools starting back up in September, students are worried about what new challenges lie ahead. Last year brought new things to the table, like social distancing, wearing masks in class, using hand sanitizer after every interaction and virtual learning. Students are worried about what will be the new normal going into the semester and how the government will react if another wave is to come.

At the start of the school year, students were scared of the large crowds and parents were hesitant to send them back into classrooms for in-person learning. With people frightened of the risks, online learning turned out to be the best option.

Online learning has been challenging for so many students. Kids have run into hurdles communicating at a distance with teachers, peers and vice versa. Their coursework increased with the limited amount of tests kids could do online in comparison to in school. Kids cracked under the pressure of these changes.

The increasing need for online learning left kids at home feeling stressed out. Mental health declined as COVID cases increased. Kids who thrive on physical interaction, extroversion and socializing suffered tremendously because of the COVID restrictions.

Students have quickly learned to adapt to the new normal of continuous changes to COVID-19 protocols, which only adds more stress and anxiety to their learning while managing homework.

When school reopens in September, it will likely be in class learning barring any major outbreak. It will also be a huge hurdle to jump for kids entering high school for the first time, especially ones who are neurodivergent or who struggle with mental illness.

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