Ontario In Home Vaccination Reaches 8,000
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Ontario In Home Vaccination Reaches 8,000

Ontario’s in-home vaccination program is one of the largest in Canada

By Dami Igbinyemi

In order to move past COVID-19 and towards normalcy, people have to get vaccinated. Toronto is home to more than 2.9 million people, making it the fourth largest city in North America. The city understands the importance of getting people vaccinated and is working tirelessly with Team Toronto partners to make getting vaccinated as easy as possible. Getting both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to defend yourself and each other against the virus.  

The City of Toronto and Team Toronto vaccination partners just completed their in-home second dose COVID-19 vaccinations for all homebound residents registered during the initial registration phase. Approximately 8,000 people received their first and second dose of the vaccine through the Homebound Sprint initiative.

“In-home vaccination has been a cornerstone of our efforts to reach Toronto’s most vulnerable residents. I am proud of the work that Toronto Paramedic Services and our many Team Toronto vaccination partners have done to ensure 8,000 homebound people and their essential caregivers are fully vaccinated. Being able to offer two-dose protection from COVID-19 is essential to keeping our community safe. Our work to make sure all residents have access to their first and second shots of COVID-19 vaccine is continuing but completing the vaccinations of homebound residents is an important milestone in our fight against this pandemic.”– Mayor John Tory 

Registration for in-home vaccinations is still open for residents who live in Toronto and cannot physically leave their homes for medical, physical, cognitive, or psychosocial reasons. The first and second doses are available through this program. If you have any questions, please speak to your primary care or homecare provider. You can also call Toronto Seniors Helpline at 416-217-2077 or visit them online at the Toronto Seniors Helpline Web Chat. The helpline is there to assist homebound adults and seniors with eligibility and provide information to those who don’t qualify for this program.

“Toronto Paramedic Services and our partners have worked incredibly hard to ensure the success of the Homebound Sprint initiative. This partnership will continue its work to ensure that everyone who needs an in-home vaccination will have access to one.”– Chief Paul Raftis, Toronto Paramedic Services

The Homebound Sprint was inspired by Toronto Paramedics, UHN and HCCSS work back in March. Their goal is to vaccinate everyone who wishes to be vaccinated but due to circumstances were unable to. Team Toronto partners leading the homebound initiative include Toronto Paramedic Services, Home and Community Care Support Services Toronto (HCCSS), University Health Network (UHN), Toronto Public Health, Unity Health Toronto’s Family Health Teams at St. Josephs and St. Michael’s Hospitals, and Home & Community Services. 

Local Homebound Sprint partners, including St. Michael’s Family Health Teams, East Toronto Health Partners, Mid-West Toronto OHT (Ontario Health Team), North Toronto OHT, North York Toronto Health Partners, Northwestern Toronto OHT, Sinai Health, Scarborough Health Network, Sprint Senior Care, Toronto Western Family Health Team and St. Joseph’s Family Health Teams are also helping to ensure all identified residents receive a vaccination.

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