Canadians Wins Gold in Olympic Soccer 2020
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Canadians Wins Gold in Olympic Soccer 2020

Team Canada’s women’s team has won gold, beating Sweden in the Olympic soccer championship game.

By Donovan Martin Jr.

After a 90 minute game, with two periods of extended time, and a sudden death penalty round, the game has concluded. Canada has beaten Sweden at the Olympic women’s soccer championship at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

On August 6, 2021, at the Yokohama, the Canada-Sweden match took place. The Canadians tied with Sweden throughout their time on the field. Canada’s first point was scored by soccer superstar, Jessie Fleming. But it was matched by Sweden’s Stina Blackstenius. After two periods of extended time, Canada and Sweden seemed to be at a stalemate; an arduous, exhausting yet still an exciting stalemate. But the action sparked again in the penalty kick round.

Nerves were tense and emotions were high as the penalty round went to sudden death. This means that after both teams have given their 5 kicks, the next goal is winning one. Once again, Jessie Fleming had an outstanding kick yet it alone was not enough. The kick from Deanne Rose was the 5th in the penalty round, sending us to sudden death. Finally, Julia Grosso scored the last and most important goal. The ball bounced off the Swedish goalie’s hands and went into the net.

Deanne Rose is now a two-time Olympian with her first Olympic medal being the bronze Canada took at the Rio Games in 2016. Julia Grosso, however, is new to the Olympic scene, this being her first Olympic medal ever. She has played soccer with Rose before, them both winning silver CONCACAF championship in 2018.

Canada’s team has made it to the top of the podium, proving that the nation can succeed not just in the Winter Games, but the Summer Games as well. All members of Beverly Priestman’s team are deserving of praise, for they won Canada’s first Olympic Gold in women’s soccer ever.

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