Cathy Cox; The #1 Front Runner To Replace Pallister
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Cathy Cox; The #1 Front Runner To Replace Pallister

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With Pallister resigning as Premier of Manitoba, his perfect replacement is obvious; MLA Cathy Cox.

On August 10, 2021, Brian Pallister, Premier of Manitoba and leader of the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives announced that he is resigning. His doing so leaves a power vacuum in the province’s political atmosphere. Though many discussions as to who should replace Pallister are ongoing, there is an obvious front-runner, Cathy Cox.

The Honourary Catherine “Cathy” Cox is the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Kildonan-River East and is the Minister of Sport, Culture, and Heritage. Throughout her years of government, she has actively stressed the importance of cultural understanding. Not only has she participated in and given her support for Manitoba cultural events such as Folklorama and Black History Month, but she has also condemned residential schools.

Cathy Cox has expressly stated that residential schools attempted to “erase a complete culture,” something other PC officials—including the Premier—fail to acknowledge. She even went on to say “We must all work together as one to advance reconciliation and right the wrongs of the past.” Such statements have gained her support amidst many members of her party’s caucus.

Senior members in her party are hopeful that Cathy Cox will throw her hat in the ring. Her ability to build bridges between communities is helpful in mutual understand and gaining support. Though the Kildonan-River East MLA is looking like the Manitoba PC’s replacement, her fight for the position would not be streamlined. Other party members who are being considered for the position include Heather Stephanson, Kelvin Goertzen, and Cameron Friesen. Though Brian Bowman has stated that he is done with politics, he may still be considered for the position for politicians never quit. Despite her competition, Cathy Cox still seems to be the party’s best decision for Premier.

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