Canadian Government Commits $100 Million To Railway Safety

Canadian Government Commits $100 Million To Railway Safety

Travelling by rail is still the only form of transportation for some Canadians

By Dami Igbinyemi

The Government of Canada recognizes the economic and social importance of the Canadian railway system. This is precisely why they are taking the action needed to improve the safety and security of Canada’s railway infrastructure. With the cold reality of climate change being a detriment to railway tracks, now’s the time for the government to act to improve railway safety.

Today, Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport announced that the Government of Canada is providing $100 million over five years for Transport Canada to continue advancing the transportation of people and goods by rail.

“Today’s announcement will strengthen the safety and security of our rail system, protecting communities who use, live near, and work on our railways. These investments are important to ensure that Canada’s rail system continues getting people and goods to their destinations safely and securely, for now, and the future.” – The Honourable Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport

There are 41,711 kilometres of tracks in Canada, making it the third-largest railway system in the world. Transport Canada performs over 35,000 inspections every year as part of the Railway Safety Act. Transport Canada, under the Railway Safety Act, monitors railway companies to ensure that they are following the rules, regulations, and standards.

This funding will be dedicated to different activities that will allow Transport Canada to invest in railway oversight to address the safety and security of railway operations, include Indigenous communities’ voices, undertake research and analysis, and provide additional funding to the ongoing Rail Safety Improvement Program. 

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