Was Afghanistan Taken By The Taliban Or Given To Them?
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Was Afghanistan Taken By The Taliban Or Given To Them?

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Trillions of dollars invested by the US over 20 years proved futile the moment they left Afghanistan.

The War on Terror started in September of 2001 as a response to the New York terrorist attack. For 20 years, there has been a massive American presence in Afghanistan. Within this period of time, tens of thousands of lives have been lost with even more displaced. Furthermore, trillions of dollars have been spent, all to keep the Taliban and Al Queda at bay. Despite this, the moment the United States announced that they were ready to pull out of Afghanistan, the Taliban seemed to strengthen. Now, 18 other provincial capital cities have been captured by the Taliban.

Within the 20 years, it is evident that the United States failed to prepare the Afghan army on how to best defend themselves. The fact that the world’s largest army couldn’t supply enough materials and resources shows how the US’s efforts were unsuccessful. The US-backed Afghan army failed to defend the capital, Kabul. The Taliban succeeded in having the Afghan government surrender, but they have ignored international calls for a peaceful transition and the preservation of human rights. Tens of thousands are attempting to evacuate into neighbouring Pakistan who has supported the Taliban and have given refuge to almost 3 million Afghans.

With the evacuation of the Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and the Taliban in firm control of the Presidental palace, they are now the new ruling body in the country, which leaves many unanswered questions. How are the orchestrators of the most deadly modern attack on American soil, now the ruling body in Afghanistan? Will the US now fund the Taliban-led government? Will girls be allowed to return to school? Finally, was Afghanistan taken by the Taliban or given to them?

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