Why Are Big Corporations Still Using Disposable Coupons?
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Why Are Big Corporations Still Using Disposable Coupons?

Many corporations continue to print massive amounts of paper and plastic coupons, overproducing waste.

By Donovan Martin Jr

It is undeniable that we are amidst a climate crisis. And it is big organizations and corporations that are responsible for the most emissions and production of waste. One of the most overproduced yet seldom-used waste is the disposable coupon.

Disposable coupons are coupons typically made of wax-coated paper or plastic. Tens of millions go to print each day in Canada. The wax added to the paper slips makes them non-recyclable, forcing them to a landfill. Plastic coupons may or may not be recycled, depending on your province. However, with less than 9% of all plastic items recycled, the plastic coupons are likely to end in a landfill.

What makes this worse is that many coupons in a package remain unused. In a typical household, they end up in the trash unopened.

We reached out to a few companies producing disposable coupons such as; Bulk Barn, Hakim Optical, and Home Depot. We asked for a comment on their role as a contributor to this global crisis. They all declined to respond. These corporations, along with numerous restaurant chains, continue to mass-produce this bound-for-landfill product.

CEO Kevin Toney

Despite companies hiding this problem, the solution is a simple and well-known one; digital coupons.

Kevin Toney, CEO of Prime Time Promotions states, “Smart Digital Coupons are tracked automatically, they create affordable opportunities for re-marketing, reduce printing cost, and help reduce waste in the environment.”

Preventing unnecessary waste is one of the most effective ways to combat pollution. Until large corporations are committed to producing less waste, they are responsible for the role they play in polluting the planet and contributing to climate change.

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