P Diddy Helps Shyne Enter the US as Belize Diplomat
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P Diddy Helps Shyne Enter the US as Belize Diplomat

The former Bad Boy rapper has returned to the US-Belize to strengthen relations thanks partially to the campaigning of P Diddy.

By Donovan Martin

In the year 2000, Shyne debuted with his self-titled album. One year before its release, however, Shyne was arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment after he shot at a New York nightclub. His escalation of a dispute between P Diddy and Matthew “Scar Allen” from Brooklyn resulted in his incarceration. In 2001, he was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. When the rapper got out in 2009, he was deported back to Belize due to him being a non-citizen felon.

Now, nearly 12 years after his deportation, Shyne has returned to the United as a Belizean Diplomat. While in Belize, Shyne, now formally known as the Hon. Moses Barlow has turned his life around. He has become a member Belize House of Representatives for Mesopotamia in November of 2020 and leader of Belize’s Official Opposition House in June of 2021.

With this new way of life, he applied for a and was granted a Visa to meet with US senators and congressmen. Shyne wished to establish better relationships between Belize and the US. With the help of Diddy lobbying for his return to America, he continues to carry out diplomatic business in the US.

“It’s only right,” started Diddy, after meeting Shyne at the airport. “My brother did 13 years away from the family, away from the United States. Now, he is about to do something amazing”

On the day of his flight, Shyne posted on his Instagram a picture of himself boarding with the caption “I’ll be meeting with Members of the U.S. Congress as well as State Senators and House Members to strengthen relationships and establish new relationships to further the development of Belize.” For the next few days, Shyne will meet diplomats and tour before returning home.

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