The 3 Types Of Unvaccinated People
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The 3 Types Of Unvaccinated People

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Truthfully, there are only 3 types of people who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The COVID-19 vaccine is a marvel of medical technology, helping to protect millions of people around the world. Despite their inherent scientific good, there remain 3 distinct people who refuse to get vaccinated.

The first group of unvaccinated people are those whose body physically rejects the vaccine. However, those who have an allergen to specific ingredients in the mRNA, Pfizer, or Janssen are not always anti-vaxxers. Most recognize that they are immunocompromized and rely on the vaccinations of others to ensure herd immunity.

The second group is those who fear the vaccine has not been tested enough, awaiting further trials before they get their crucial shot or shots. Despite their efforts seeming valiant, oftentimes they fall prey to misinformation. They cite rare instances as being common occurrences, basing their arguments upon them. They often recognize the situation as being dire, however, and are reachable. Given proper statistics and facts, they likely would get inoculated.

The third and final group of people who refuse to get vaccinated are conspiracy theorists. Feeding off of Facebook echo chambers of blatant lies, they are heavily subject to misinformation. Their arguments are devoid of any semblance of logic and are often rooted in racism against multiple groups of people. These anti-vaxxers are near always anti-maskers as well. The ludicrous beliefs of anti-vaxxers not only harm themselves but other people. They are practically walking biohazards, for they catch the disease and allow it to mutate. This reduces vaccine efficacy rate, increases the number of variants and extends the pandemic.

It is the responsibility of every eligible and able citizen to get vaccinated to protect themselves, ineligible persons, and everyone else from COVID-19. If the vaccination rates do not increase, the COVID-19 death rate certainly will.

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