Toronto Hits COVID-19 Milestone
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Toronto Hits COVID-19 Milestone

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Ontario’s vaccination and Delta COVID-19 rates are both trending upwards.

As the Delta variant continues to spread across Ontario, there are signs of optimism seeing that a major vaccine milestone has been reached over the weekend. In the City of Toronto, two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine has been administered to 75 per cent of eligible Torontonians age 12 and older. To reach this exciting milestone ensuring three out of every four eligible residents are vaccinated, the team administered more than 4.5 million doses of vaccine across the city.

“Getting vaccinated will help protect you, your loved ones, and our entire city. Our health officials have been clear that vaccines are the best weapon we have to protect people, to help save lives and to help keep people out of hospital. The more people vaccinated, the greater protection we all have and the better chance we have that schools, attractions, businesses, arts venues and restaurants can stay open. We all need to get vaccinated to bring this pandemic to an end.” Said – Mayor John Tory

As of today, Ontario reported its fourth straight day of over 600 newly reported COVID-19 cases, which is by far the highest within the country. According to Ontario’s Minister of Health, the rate of infections continues to be low holding at approximately 2.8%.

Wile Ontario struggles to keep its COVID-19 cases low, neighbouring province Manitoba has removed its mask mandate and loosened its health restrictions, due to their high vaccination rate.

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