MDG, Keeps North America Connected In The Global Pandemic
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MDG, Keeps North America Connected In The Global Pandemic

MDG, the trusted source keeping North Americans connected during the global pandemic.

Global pandemics are once in a generation and unless you were considered an essential service worker, you were one of the tens of millions of North Americans that worked from home. Then there is online learning that transformed every dining room and kitchen table into virtual classrooms.

The pandemic has made us realize how dependent we are as a society on technology. Prior to the pandemic, many had no idea what a Zoom meeting was, now that’s all changed. Meetings are being held daily on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Classrooms and so on to ensure businesses can operate in what’s being called the new normal.

With the emergence of new technology there becomes a need for adequate computer hardware to operate these programs. However, with many North Americans being laid off or that have lost their jobs due to COVID-19, access to affordable, quality computer equipment is not feasible due to financial hardships.

In a time where staying connected is essential for work, school and for receiving important information about the pandemic, we find one company in North America making it easier for everyone to stay connected and that’s MDG.

For years MDG has been helping North American businesses, institutions and the everyday person stay connected with the most affordable computer equipment at costs that are affordable and fit all budgets through their financing options.

While many companies feel compelled to take advantage of those indeed of affordable computer equipment, it’s reassuring to know there are reputable companies that remain focused on helping society succeed and get through this global pandemic.

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