Biden Promises Retribution Against Isis For American Deaths
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Biden Promises Retribution Against Isis For American Deaths

ISIS is about to be on the receiving end of the American military, and not even the Taliban can stop them from hunting in Afghanistan.

Kabul – When the Taliban rolled into Kabul and the president exiting the country with all but the shirt on his back, the people of Afghanistan knew changes are going to come but not in a good way. When the country was under the rule of the Taliban, it was like a time warp back to the stone ages, where the rights and freedoms of women, girls and the LGBTQ were non-existent.

The Taliban presence signalled the desire for a mass exit from the country. Many saw the writing on the wall and fled to neighbouring counties, while others hoped to hitch a ride on an American military plane out of the country. Since the Americans started the evacuation process, it has been nothing but chaos surrounding the airport.

That chaos turned to desperate swarms of people trying to board any plane out of the country regardless of its destination. On Wednesday, the already chaotic Kabul airport turned into a site of a deadly terror attack that killed 13 US service personnel and injured 18. And, according to the Afghan Minister of Health, 90 Afghans were also killed and over 150 injured by two suicide bombers and one gunman.

It was not long before the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS-K) took responsibility for the bombing. ISIS is a well-known terrorist group that was created to ensure Iraq and Syria remain Islamic states. The Taliban was also quick to deny any claims of taking part in the terror attack knowing the US will be out for retribution.

“We will hunt you down and make you pay. I will defend our interests and our people with every measure at my command.” Said, US President Biden

It is only a matter of time before all US personnel and citizens are out of Afghanistan, and when that happens, ISIS will know what it is like to feel the full brunt of a sustained US military campaign. Without the worrying of American assets to protect or civilian uprising, there is no one including the Taliban, with the will or firepower to stop the American military from hunting ISIS in Afghanistan.

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