UN Security Council Sets Expectations Of Taliban Controlled Afghanistan
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UN Security Council Sets Expectations Of Taliban Controlled Afghanistan

UN Security Council adopted resolution 2593, setting out the Council’s expectations of the Taliban

With all US personnel and other foreign diplomats and citizens evacuated from Afghanistan, the Taliban are now in firm control of the country. A country that is rich in minerals and natural resources, but lacks the knowledge and skills to extract them and bring them to market.

The Taliban is still widely seen by the world as a terrorist group and will now have to convince the United Nations they should have a seat at the table. A seat they will be granted, but to believe they will honour the rights of women, the LGBT2Q and basic human rights is a falsehood.

Early Monday morning, UK Ambassador Barbara Woodward addressed the UN Security Council resolution on Afghanistan.

“Today this Council has spoken clearly on the situation in Afghanistan and set out its minimum expectations of the Taliban. The immediate priority is ensuring that all those who wish to leave Afghanistan can do so safely. We have been clear that the Taliban must adhere to their own stated commitments to ensure safe passage, beyond 31 August.

Second, Afghanistan can never again become a safe haven for terrorists. We have condemned unequivocally the attack on Kabul airport last week, and we reiterate our condolences and sympathy to the bereaved and to the injured. A coordinated approach will be vital to counter any extremist threat emanating from Afghanistan, and we call on the Taliban to uphold the commitments contained in the Doha agreement.

Third, the humanitarian situation requires urgent attention. We are coordinating closely with partners to strengthen efforts to support humanitarian assistance and ensure unimpeded access for humanitarian workers and organizations.

Finally, the gains of the last 20 years must be protected, and human rights, including those of women and children and minorities, safeguarded. This resolution lays down a marker that the international community will be watching closely.

Today’s resolution is an important step towards a unified international response to the situation in Afghanistan. We will continue to build on this to ensure the Council holds the Taliban accountable for its commitments. The Taliban will be judged by the international community on the basis of their actions on the ground, not their words.”

Under the Taliban, terror reigned and so it shall once again.

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