Canadians Believe Prime Minister Trudeau Won Last Night's French Debate
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Canadians Believe Prime Minister Trudeau Won Last Night’s French Debate

Canadians are overwhelmingly happy with Prime Minister Trudeau’s answers in the first leaders French debate.

Last night’s first leaders’ debate saw the leaders of their respected parties on the attack, hoping to score a knockout punch against Prime Minister Trudeau. Like any good boxer, the Prime Minister went twelve rounds and never hit the mat, considering it was three against one.

COVID-19 was the hot topic of the night, and according to the opposition leaders, Prime Minister Trudeau failed the country. However, recent polling shows Canadians overwhelmingly approve of the federal government’s handling of the global pandemic.

It is easy to point fingers at governments at the start of the pandemic, but it is disingenuine considering the unknown. And when comparing Canada’s handling of the pandemic to that of our neighbours to the south and other G7 nations, we have done exceptionally well.

The Canadian federal government prevented the economy from collapsing while providing income to its citizens to keep the lights on and food on the table.

Prime Minister Trudeau then faced heavy criticism for sending the Canadians to the polls in the middle of a pandemic. Minority governments do not last and, that is why Canadians are going to the polls in September. The country has overwhelmingly approved of the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping Canadians safe.

For two years, the opposition leaders have voted against various bills, or budgets knowing that it could trigger an early election with a vote of no confidence. They have also called for the Prime Minister to resign almost daily. Now allowed to have Canadians decide what party should best lead them in a post-pandemic world, they are disconcerted.

The Liberals have a decisive advantage because Canadians feel they are the best party to lead them through the pandemic and tackle climate change. Whereas Albertans feel the Conservative party will focus their efforts on the oil and gas industry having a direct benefit to their province.

The Green Party will likely have a new leader after the September 20th election, whereas the NDP is hoping to win back the seats they lost in 2019 if Singh wants to remain party leader. The Bloc only cares about the rights of Quebec, which begs the question; Why would anyone vote for a party knowing the leader could never be Prime Minister?

Canadians are smart enough to sift through the BS. No one wants a pandemic election. They will need to decide if they will give the Trudeau administration another majority mandate or go in a new direction under O’Toole’s Conservative Party.

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