Ford Government Prorogued Ontario Legislature
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Ford Government Prorogued Ontario Legislature

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Ontario government shuts down until October 4th, weeks after federal election

There have been many criticisms of Premier Doug Ford’s handling of the global pandemic as cases in Ontario continue to rise while other provinces are flattening the curb. In what is being called a surprise move with the proroguing of the Legislature, Ontario Premier Ford is facing mounting calls for his resignation.

The government is under fire for what many experts are calling a severely botched attempt at further containing the spread of COVID-19 and the Delta variant. It is still to be decided if Ontario will plunge the province back into a full-scale lockdown before the start of the school year.

“With a federal election underway, during which each party has put forward dramatically different policies and funding commitments that will have a direct impact on our government’s legislative agenda, we have made the decision to prorogue the legislature,” Said House Leader Paul Calandra

The Ford government will use the proroguing of the legislature to reassess its handling of the pandemic while the rest of the country focuses on the federal election. With the many missteps by Ford and his administration, there are legitimate reasons to be worried about his chances of re-election in 2022. In the last federal election, the Liberals painted then conservative leader Andrew Scheer as another version of Doug Ford and he became a lightning rod for political fodder.

Governing is a difficult task and governing in a global pandemic just enhances the degrees of difficulty for any leader. We can only hope that Premier Ford and the people around him, understand that in the middle of a pandemic, people are looking for not just financial and medical solutions, they are looking for hope, leadership and positive messages.

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