West Virginia Giving Out Guns As An Incentive To Get Vaccinated
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West Virginia Giving Out Guns As An Incentive To Get Vaccinated

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West Virginia’s giving away free guns in the vaccine lottery hoping to see its rates increase.

America continues to reach grim milestones in the fight against COVID-19 with over 660,000 people dying from the virus. Even though the US has seen a major uptick in vaccination, there still is a significant amount of the popular that remains unvaccinated.

As added incentives for people to take the COVID-19 vaccine, we are seeing many states implement financial incentives for people to get vaccinated. From vaccine lotteries to youth scholarships, free beer and now free guns to the likes of rifles and shotguns by the state of West Virginia.

West Virginia’s vaccination rate is among the lowest in the country with only 41.2% of residence fully vaccinated and just over 51% receiving at least one dosage. America’s low vaccination rate can be attributed to millions of anti-vaxxers spreading false or misinformation about vaccination.

As America’s COVID-19 cases continue to climb, we are seeing more countries within the European Union reinstate travel restrictions from the US. This comes as Canada’s borders have just recently opened for fully vaccinated residence. Many Americans still do not comprehend the seriousness of COVID-19 and are paying upwards of $500 US dollars for fake vaccine cards. This is insane, considering they can get them for free by getting vaccinated.

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