Justice For J6 Insurrectionists, Met With Heavy Police Presence
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Justice For J6 Insurrectionists, Met With Heavy Police Presence

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Justice for J6 in support of the January 6th terrorist attack, confirms America still has a huge problem with support for domestic terrorists.

January 6, 2021, will be known as the day a sitting US President incited a terrorist attack on his own country. President Donald Trump and many of the Republican Party members have abdicated their duty to serve the people and do not deserve to hold any office.

Four years of divisive rhetoric, acts of violence, racist dog whistles, tens of thousands of lies, intimidation, corruption and calls for acts of anarchy have all been standard practice for Trump. The terrorist attack on the US Capitol building was preventable, but it was what Trump wanted. Trump asked his M.A.G.A and white supremacists supporters take back congress and the were only too happy to oblige.

To date, at least sixty people are behind bars and another 600 insurrectionists have been arrested for their part in the deadly terrorist attack on the US Capitol. The Biden Justice Department is working on charging and sentencing each and every one of them. Today, Trump loyalists “Justice For J6” plan to march on the nation’s capital in support of the January 6th incarcerated insurrectionist, and when they do, they will be met by heavy presences from law enforcement.

“Our department has increased staffing today and is fully activated for tomorrow. So you will notice an increased police presence around the city and this is to ensure everyone’s safety and security throughout the district,” Said Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department Robert Contee

The DC Police services will also have the support of 100 members of the National Guard on standby should they be needed. The Justice for J6 was provided with a permit to accommodate 700 people but it was unclear at the time how many people would show up.

The rally garnered approximately 400 sympathizers to the J6 terrorists which were met by a heavy police presence. One person was also arrested by the DC police for carrying a handgun in the restricted protest area. The organizer of the J6 event is calling it a success as it was seen mostly as a peaceful rally. For the record, any support of terrorists should never be seen as patriotic and unfortunately, America has a long way to go.

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