Climate Activists Will Now Be Charged For Erecting Illegal Road Blocks
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Climate Activists Will Now Be Charged For Erecting Illegal Road Blocks

The injunction bans activities that obstruct traffic and access to motorways and major roads in and around London.

The UK government has taken out a fresh injunction to target protesters who cause disruption on any of the highways on the Strategic Road Network linked to the M25 in the southeast.

The new injunction bans activities that obstruct traffic and access to motorways and major roads in and around London. It also bans activities that cause damage to the road surface and infrastructure and prohibits activists from glueing themselves to the road or abandoning their vehicles.

Anyone who breaks this injunction faces imprisonment or an unlimited fine. Activists found in contempt of court may also be forced to repay the costs of their case.

Furthermore, the police will now be able to release information on the activists as well as provide evidence to National Highways so that the injunctions can be enforced. This will speed up the enforcement process and ensure that those who disobey the authority of the courts face the consequences.

A number of activists have already been served with court papers and may face a court hearing and imprisonment or a fine for contempt of court if they are found to be in breach of the injunctions going forward. 

“We will continue to do all we can to prevent this self-defeating, disruptive and incredibly dangerous behaviour being carried out by Insulate Britain. They are putting lives in danger and damaging their own cause.    Today, we’re ensuring every major road and motorway linked to the M25 is covered by this injunction to help prevent further disruption. ” Said Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

National Highways has already taken out two injunctions to prevent action along the M25, as well as major roads around the Port of Dover, following the dangerous disruption caused by demonstrators from Insulate Britain.   These injunctions are a short-term solution to tackle the highly disruptive protests we have seen over the last few weeks, and the Government has committed to legislating to prevent these kinds of guerrilla tactics in the long-term through the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

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