Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen, Could Topple Zuckerberg's Dictatorship
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Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen, Could Topple Zuckerberg’s Dictatorship

Facebook has been force-feeding users its addiction pills for years

Another Facebook whistleblower comes forward to again warn the public and the US Congress of the dangers of Facebook. Fortunately for Facebook, they are protected by the flawed US internet law section 230. Section 230 further provides “Good Samaritan” protection from civil liability for operators of interactive computer services in the removal or moderation of third-party material they deem obscene or offensive, even of constitutionally protected speech.

Frances Haugen, the former Facebook lead algorithmic developer provided thousands of documents to Congress under the whistleblower act. The documents alleged Facebook knowingly chose to ignore data on its platforms that are purposely harming its users in the name of profit.

Mark Zuckerberg owns 55% of Facebook’s voting shares, “There is no one currently holding Mark accountable but himself.” Frances Haugen

From the start of the early days of Facebook, Zuckerberg’s ethics were already questionable. Many students complained that their photos were being used without permission, which prompted the young Zuckerberg to take out ads in the school newspaper offering his apology. Zuckerberg’s early disregard for privacy would only amplify as the network grew into the worlds largest nation.

There are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world; Zuckerberg’s approximate monthly users from his four major social networks such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger and of course Facebook, total 6.4 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg is ‘dictator‘ of Facebook ‘nation’: said Peter Sunde The Pirate Bay file-sharing site co-founder. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is the “dictator” of “the biggest nation in the world.”

One person having a staggering control over 6.4 billion accounts is absurd. Luckily for the world, Zuckerberg is an ethical C.E.O who puts peoples privacy before profit. A C.E.O that would never let his networks be used to promote violence, hate, bigotry and homophobia. A C.E.O that would never let his networks be used to interfere in political elections. A C.E.O that calls out injustices when he sees them without having to be told the content that he is allowing on his network is hurting people.

Unfortunately, Zuckerberg is not that C.E.O.

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