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Japan’s Elects Fumio Kishida To Be Their 100th Prime Minister

Fumio Kishida Replaces Yoshihide Suga after only 1 year as Japan’s Prime Minister

By: Almunthir Alghamdi

Yoshihide Suga, Japan’s Prime Minister’s sudden resignation from his role was partly due to his struggles to meet the public expectations for containing the COVID-19 pandemic. Another reason was the Prime Minister’s decision to hold the Olympics in Tokyo while the country was still under lockdown. That decision infuriated the Japanese public.

Yoshihide stepping down from his duties comes at a crucial time as the country is in desperate need of leadership to fight the pandemic. To lead the Japanese people out of the pandemic, the country’s parliament has chosen Mr Fumio Kishida, the 64 years old leader of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party.

The main challenges for the Prime Minister would be the waves of COVID-19 outbreaks that continue to affect Japan’s economy. Although the COVID-19 economical problems are not unique to Japan, they are already facing a multibillion-dollar loss from hosting the Olympics and have still not fully recovered from recent national disasters.

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