UN World Food Security Elects Spaniard As President

Incoming Gabriel Ferrero shares plans for World Food Security agency 

Co-Authors; Maha Altamimi & Rawan Alshehri 

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) was founded in 1974 and reorganized in 2009 to serve as the most inclusive international and intergovernmental forum for all stakeholders to collaborate on ensuring food security and nutrition for everyone. 

The Secretariat consists of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and the World Food Programme  (WFP) which are all headquartered in Rome.

During the 49th meeting of the CFS, the committee has elected Gabriel Ferrero to serve as its new president. Ferrero has been serving as Spain’s Ambassador for Food Security before he was elected. Ferrero won 73 votes to lead the organization, beating out Cameroonian representative Médi Moungui, who garnered only 48 votes.

According to Ferrero, there are several objectives that he is aiming to accomplish. One of them is his plan to make CFS the main working body in order to achieve Sustainable Development’s Goal of (Zero Hunger), which is a part of the UN 2030 Agenda. As the new president is emphasizing the importance of transforming food systems that will help end poverty and hunger, and provide food security for all.