United Kingdom

Boris Johnson Declared The Pandemic Was Over Prematurely

An increase in Britain’s Covid-19 cases contradicts Johnsons’ statement declaration.

By: Rawan Alshehri

There has been an alarming increase in Covid-19 cases throughout Britain, which is something that was expected and does not align with UK Prime Minister Johnson’s declaration of the pandemic being over. Nor does it apply to the policies he has implemented in order to deal with the current state of the pandemic.

After the Prime Minister stated it was “highly probable” that the worst of the Corona virus is over back in July, most of Britain’s legal restrictions were lifted. This was even after the country recorded the highest number of daily cases in six months.

The number of cases registered in the past two weeks has reached nearly half a million, and almost 50,000 on Monday. While the number of reported deaths on Tuesday were 223 people, it accounts for the highest number of cases the country has reported since March. The country continues to struggle with containing cases as resulting from the Delta variant, resulting in overcrowded hospital rooms.

Experts are calling for the government to implement stricter guidelines and legal restrictions, similar to the ones being used in other European countries. Such as having vaccine passports, mandatory mask requirements and social distancing. These are all measures that have proven to be effective when preventing the spread of COVID-19.