Remote Working Is The New Normal But Wasn’t Always
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Remote Working Is The New Normal But Wasn’t Always

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Companies are seeing increased productivity and savings from employees working remotely

By: Jawad Araf, Contributor

Editors: Maha Altamimi & Rawan Alshehri

The aftermath of the spread of Covid-19 throughout the world was clearly visible on many levels, especially the severe effects of the pandemic on the world economy, which caused many companies, organizations and small businesses to suffer financially or even shut down. However, some companies took this situation and turned it into opportunities.

Working remotely became a necessity for companies to stay afloat, which saw a huge increase for individuals wanting to work from home. “The idea of working from home took a lot of getting used to.“ Said Jawad Araf Khan, Virtual Admin and Marketing Support Agent. Having to go through months without employment, or finding any known alternative to pursue a career, thus began the search for remote jobs, which offered me diverse opportunities from great organizations. He further added.

As a result, working from home has benefited many employees on a global scale and has given them opportunities to maintain and advance their careers, even in the middle of a pandemic. The benefits of working from home also extend to companies in the form of higher attendance and reduced operating costs. 

When the pandemic is over, we will see a huge shift from in the office in favour of a remote working environment. Society will also be better prepared in the event of another global pandemic, as we will already have the systems in place to keep the economy moving.

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