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US Judge Sentenced Canadian White Nationalist To 9 Years In Prison

Patrik Mathew’s, a former Canadian Military Reservist is sentenced to 9 years in prison.

America is a hotbed of white supremacists that lurked quietly in the shadows terrorizing immigrants and ethnic minorities while installing Manchurian candidates throughout the government. With the election of Donald Trump, a delusional, narcissistic, repugnant insurrectionist for president, the legions of white supremacists were emboldened and were encouraged to come out of hiding.

With Trump’s seal of approval, America’s hate groups were given full access to the White House and given a voice on the national stage. It was not long before other nations started to also embrace white supremacy hate groups, culture and ideologies.

That spillover ultimately found its way to America’s neighbours to the north. Canada has always had issues with racism, and there is nothing more evident than the centuries of mistreatment of its Indigenous people. It was not long before Canadian white supremacy groups would feel emboldened enough to come out of the dark to terrorise Canadians.

That being said, incomes former Canadian Military explosive expert Patrik Mathew who served as a reservist and alleged recruiter for Neo-Nazi hate group the base. Mathew was arrested by the FBI on January 18, 2019, in Maryland for planning to start a race war.

When news broke of Mathew’s involvement with the white supremacy hate group the Base, he was discharged from the military, arraigned and placed on parole. Shortly after, he violated his parole agreement and illegally entered the US with a stockpile of ammunition and explosives.

Mathew was later arrested on an international warrant by Virginia State Police along with several members of various white supremacist hate groups that intend to do harm and incite a race war.

Mathew has been sitting in a US jail cell awaiting extradition back to Canada, where he will face a multitude of charges that should keep him locked away for the foreseeable future. But before that can happen, he had to stand trial in America.

Today, U.S. District Court Judge Theodore Chuang sentenced Mathew to 9 years for his terrorist plot to start a race war. Upon his release, Mathew will have a three year supervised parole mandate. Mathew faced a possibility of 25 years but the judge was lenient in his sentencing.

Although the Crown prosecutors found the length of the sentencing to be insufficient, for the next 9 years the country will have one less white nationalist terrorist roaming free.

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