Transformed 311 Toronto Service Experience Launches Today
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Transformed 311 Toronto Service Experience Launches Today

Toronto Transform 311 service amidst high volumes of complaints by residents

Today, the City of Toronto launched an improved 311 Toronto service experience, making the service easier and more convenient to use, offering more ways to connect with 311 Toronto and providing real-time status updates from start to finish.

The City continues to rapidly evolve, modernize and digitize service delivery to improve access to services while providing a consistent service experience that optimizes cost-efficiencies and builds trust and confidence in municipal services. The new service also provides residents with the option to interact with the City using different platforms and languages.

“I’m proud to announce today that we’ve built an even better 311 experience. The City is continuing its progress in transforming how people interact with the City and its services. Residents and businesses want convenience, choice and self-serve options. We have seen how critical digital options are especially during the pandemic. This world-class service experience is fast, easy to use and intuitive, allowing residents to access more than 600 City services anywhere and anyway. This enhanced service will result in significant cost savings and efficiencies, and I am thrilled to see this in action today.”– Mayor John Tory

With the launch of this new service experience, all of the approximately 600 services that 311 offers are now available online, including requests for snow plowing and tree maintenance, overflowing catch basins, dogs off-leash and inadequate heat in apartment buildings.

Residents, businesses and visitors now have the option of calling in to speak with an agent, live online chat or submitting a service request online with an additional feature of being able to attach a photo to the request. Users will be able to track the status of their request from start to finish and can opt-in to receive real-time status updates via text (SMS) or email notification.

Through the centralization and streamlining of 311 processes, an improved Knowledge Base will provide easier access to information and improved usability. The 311 Toronto Knowledge Base holds approximately 5,000 records on City programs and services, accessible to anyone at any time. It is now easier than ever to search and locate exactly what you are looking for, enhancing the user experience.

The new system also offers the City improved analytics and reporting capabilities that will help inform ongoing 311 Toronto service updates and identify potential service improvements as well as needs across the City. Better communication between 311 Toronto and City divisions responsible for service requests will result in improved productivity leading to reduced costs per service request, and in many cases, reduced time to complete it.

311 Toronto is the gateway to City information, programs and services for residents, business owners and visitors, and will continue to be available by phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 311 has fielded 2 million calls during the last 19 months of the pandemic along with 190,000 emails, 60,000 web requests and 4.6 million online knowledge base views.

“Welcome to the future! The tremendous impact this new 311 experience will have for the residents of this city is profound. Today marks a significant step forward in the modernization and transformation of both the customer service experience and accountability through Open Data. Greater efficiency in recording and reporting capabilities, in addition to greater accountability, benefits everyone.” – Councillor Paul Ainslie (Scarborough-Guildwood)

Dedicated and knowledgeable staff are available 24/7 to provide a quality service experience through multiple channels of communication. 311 is available in more than 180 languages over the phone, and now, more than 50 languages are available through automatic digital translation online.

For more information about 311 Toronto, please visit here

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