Stefanson Coronation Set For 2:00 P.M, Amidst Glover's Legal Challenge
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Stefanson’s Coronation Set For 2:00 P.M, Amidst Glover’s Legal Challenge

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Stefanson will be Manitoba’s first female Premier, but comes at the cost of splitting the party into two camps.

Count every vote; this is how fair elections are supposed to work to prevent any issues with the outcome. According to the legal challenge filed by Shelly Glover, the runner up to Premier Designate Heather Stefanson, that did not happen. At stake is not just the leadership of the Conservative Party; it is the Premiership of Manitoba.

“There were substantial irregularities involved in this election that impacted the result and the counting of the votes.” Said Glover She had asked the party to delay the voting process once the public was made aware approximately 1,200 ballots were late in reaching voters. However, a spokesperson for the Conservative Party insisted all votes made it in time to eligible members.

Early Monday morning, the legal counsel of Glover sent a letter to Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon asking to delay the swearing-in of Premier Designate Stefanson due to voting irregularities. There has not been an official response from the Lieutenant Governor’s office.

Stefanson will be sworn in today at 2:00 P.M where she plans to address the province and possibly introduce her new cabinet amidst her controversial election. The rush to have her sworn in will effectively squash any legal challenge by Glover once she becomes Premier. According to sources within the party, Stefanson’s coronation was inevitable. Members of the party see Glover as an outsider that challenged the status quo.

Acting Premier Kelvin Goertzen tendered his resignation yesterday, making way for Manitoba to swear in its first female Premier. And with that title of being the first female Premier, Stefanson has further divided a party that has been slowly unravelling under former Premier Brian Pallister.

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