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Canadians Commemorate Indigenous Veterans Day

Canadian Government lowered the flags in commemoration of Indigenous Veterans

On November 8, Canada celebrated Indigenous Veterans Day, to commemorate the Indigenous soldiers and their honourable history of serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Ever since November 1994, Canada has established a national day to honour Indigenous Veterans who have a long history of great service and sacrifice for the country, including their participation in the first and second world wars, as well as other conflicts the nation was facing at the time.

In remembrance of this day, Prime Minister Justen Trudeau and Minister of Veterans Affairs Lawrence Macaulay met with Indigenous veterans on Monday. That is in addition to lowering the Canadian flags for the first time on all federal government buildings, as a symbol of recognition to veterans and the Indigenous community across the country.

“Today, on #IndigenousVeteransDay, we remember and honour the First Nations, Métis and Inuit men and women in uniform who sacrificed so much, for the peace and freedom we enjoy today. Today and every day we are in their debt. To them, we say thank you. #CanadaRemembers ”- Said the Canadian Armed Forces on Monday.

The history of Indigenous Veterans is a prominent part of the nation’s past. One which makes every member of the Indigenous community proud for all the sacrifices they have made, and how their courageous efforts played a huge role in shaping Canada into the country that it is today.