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The icon of art and music, the star Bassam Abdul Mahdi Mijbas

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Bassam Abdul Mahdi Mijbas born August 30, 1985 -), Iraqi singer and composer. He is considered one of the most famous emerging talents in the Arab world, as his songs achieved huge views, such as “Rah”, whose views exceeded 21 million viewers on YouTube and more than a million listeners on Spotify, and he had won first place in the third Iraq Star competition in 2008.

He studied music at the Conservatory in Beirut. He also won first place in the third Iraq Star competition in 2008. He participated in the “The Voice” program in 2017, and received praise from the judges, despite not completing the competition. He sang many individual songs and composed a number of songs. With other singers such as: Nawal Al Zoghbi, Humam Ibrahim, and Joseph Attieh.Bassam Mahdi as a singer, “Your words are gone,” 2013. “Ash Ash,” 2014. “Sharh changes,” 2015. “Go back,” 2018. “Raj Mellit,” 2019. “Rah,” 2019. “Where,” 2020. “Irtahlik”, 2020. “Al-Shawq Al-Shouq”, 2020. “Now I Need You”, 2020. Bassam Mahdi as composer, “Toula”, sung by Nawal Al Zoghbi, 2017. “From Wayne”, sung by Hammam Ibrahim, 2017. “Ani Hurra”, vocals Reem Al Sharif, 2017. “Inta Al Ghaly”, sung by Hammam Ibrahim, 2018. “Red Line”, sung by Joseph Attieh, 2020.

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