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What Is A Good Politician?

By: Maha Altamimi

When a country is exposed to a severe crisis of any kind, whether political, economic, or social, the government is primarily responsible for addressing their citizens and developing solutions and remedies to the problem. The role of a leader will be tested in a time of a crisis where they will falter or rise to the occasion. 

A successful politician leads first and delegates to their team in the moment of a crisis. The leader of the government should be a statesman that can address all crises, even more so for countries facing more than one act of emergencies. 

So what is a good politician? Foremost is the one who prioritizes the state’s interest in their decisions believing that one’s present and future are organically linked with the past and future of the state. In other words, the leader and the state are in the same boat.

A successful leader is also aware that their work is according to the principle of altruism, self-denial, accuracy and intelligence, which will achieve a desirable outcome if the best interest of the people are put first. 

A great politician will have a vision that extends to the coming times, where generations will live comfortably in a stable economy developed to bring equality to its citizens. A great politician craves respect, appreciation and remembrance for their contributions to building a civilized state, but must demonstrate by their actions, such praises are warranted.