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Saudi Arabia Has Cleared Yemen of 28,680 Landmines

King Salman’s Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center committed to helping the Yemeni people to live a life without threats or risks.

By: Maha Altamimi

During the first week of November 2021, King Salman’s Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center “Masam” managed to extract 1,443 landmines set by the Houthi militia in various parts of Yemen, including 6 antipersonnel mines, 520 anti-tank mines, 915 unexploded ordnance, and two explosive charges.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), 43 anti-tank mines and 127 unexploded munitions were removed in Aden governorate, 283 anti-tank mines were removed in Al-Jawf district, and 32 anti-tank mines and 9 unexploded ammunition were removed in Al-Yatama district by the “Masam” team. Furthermore, the “Masam” team removed one anti-personnel mine in the Qataba district of Al-Dhalea governorate, and removed 6 anti-tank mines and unexploded ordnance in the Khokha district of Al Hudaydah governorate.

The team also extract 57 anti-tank mines in the Ma’rib district of the Ma’rib governorate, 59 anti-tank mines in the Al-Baqqa district of the Sa’ada governorate, and 655 unexploded ordnance in the Ataq district of the Shabwa governorate.

In Taiz Governorate, Masam’s work included removing 5 antipersonnel mines, one explosive device, 23 anti-tank mines, as well as removing 117 unexploded ammunition and one explosive device in Dhibab District.

As of now, Saudi Arabia’s “Masam” project has cleared 28,680 mines planted by Houthi militias in the Yemeni region and pledges to continue its humanitarian fight to clear all landmines.