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Rescue Efforts Ramp Up To Free Trapped Passengers In B.C Mudslides

The Canadian Military continues to lead the efforts of freeing trap passengers throughout Southern B.C

Over the last few days, rescue teams led by the Canadian armed forces were able to save nearly 300 people using military helicopters. Vehicles were stuck in two mudslides, one on Highway 99 near Lillooet, and the other on Highway 7 near Agassiz, before the rescue teams were able to move them to safety. Fortunately, officials said that there were no reports of deaths or injuries.

Meanwhile, the city of Merritt, B.C. issued an evacuation, where 7,000 residents of the city had to evacuate and head to Emergency Social Support reception centers in Kamloops and Kelowna. As well as another evacuation order issued in Sumas Prairie, Abbotsford.

“#Evacuation Order issued by City of #Merritt for the 200-year flood plain of Coldwater River, south of Nicola Ave. Residents under Order should register at ESS Reception Center: Merritt Civic Center, 1950 Mamette Ave. More info & map: #BCFlood #BCStorm”- Announced by Emergency Info BC. 

On Tuesday, the rescue teams continued the search to see if there are more vehicles or individuals still stuck in those areas. While officials have reminded people to stay away from the areas and highways listed in the Emergency Info page on the official website of British Columbia.

The damage caused by the mudslide to vehicles and properties will be significant, and many residents remain uncertain as to when they will be allowed back into their homes. As for now, they are thankful to be alive and appreciative of the support they have been receiving from all levels of government and fellow Canadians.