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O’Toole’s Contentious Leadership Style Is Causing Dissension In The Party

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O’Toole is in a tough leadership fight to remain party leader

O’Toole continues to face mounting criticism regarding his policies and unfulfilled promises made as the leader of the Conservative Party. The criticisms have become sharper in the aftermath of losing the race to becoming Canada’s next Prime Minister to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, which also lead to the party losing 2 key seats.

Many Senators aren’t happy with O’Toole and his policies regarding several issues, such as gun laws and his carbon tax, which are some of the most contentious issues he is facing in his upcoming leadership review.

According to the Reform Act legislation, party members have the power to decide whether the party leader should or shouldn’t remain in this position, that is if at least 20 per cent of parliament members ask for the review.

It started with a petition that was initiated by Saskatchewan senator Denise Batters as she called for a leadership review, which lead to O’Toole’ removing her from the Conservative caucus a day later. He clarified the reason for that decision is that he “will not tolerate” someone who won’t respect the efforts of the Conservative party.

“Erin O’Toole tried to silence me for giving our #CPC members a voice. I will not be silenced by a leader so weak that he fired me VIA VOICEMAIL. Most importantly, he cannot surpass that will of our Conservative Party members!”- Said Senator Batters.

For years the Conservatives have elected very unpopular polarizing leaders who have been out of touch with the rest of the country. They have had fundamental differences on climate change, immigration, LGBTQ2S+, gun laws and Indigenous rights and issues, but the party keeps electing the same type of leaders.

At some point the party will need to realize, conservative voters will always vote conservative regardless of the unpopularity and substanceless leader they elect to lead them. So why not elect a leader whose values appeal to the rest of the country?