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Rescue Teams Recover 4 Casualties From Mudslides

Rainstorms continue to cause severe damages to homes, properties and roads in British Columbia and sadly, it has caused its first fatalities.

On Monday, rescue teams recovered the body of a woman near the mudslide on Highway 99 close to Lillooet. She was the first confirmed death. The bodies of three other people were also discovered between Monday and Thursday, bringing the number of confirmed casualties to four.

The extreme weather caused some communities to suffer from power outages while a lot of them had to evacuate their homes to remain safe. The entire city of Merritt consisting of 7000 residents had to evacuate after officials declared a state of emergency.

However, Merritt Mayor Linda Brown has announced that some people will be able to return to their homes after assessing the situation risk. The plan was set to make a rapid damage assessment in the city and after completing the assessment, all properties would receive a card that indicates its status and whether it’s safe to return or not. As of Monday November 22, people will be able to find the status on their property assessment by contacting the local officials.

The rescue efforts were only possible through the help of volunteers, all levels of government and the Canadian military. In a time of crisis, the people from coast to coast to coast, are doing everything they can to ensure a safe a speed recovery for the residence of B.C.