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The most common and easy to hack passwords

Dubai – Eng. Mohammed Saieed, Co Founder and CEO of Potensia Systems Group – Artificial Intelligence Expert and Digital Transformation Consultant in the Middle East.

NordPass has published a list of the 200 most common passwords of 2021, and some of the passwords on the list are still used over the years despite their weakness and ease of hacking. The most widely used password worldwide was 123456.

This may therefore be advised to avoid penetration problems
Making common words impenetrable takes no more than one second.

– The password 123456 has been found to be used over a hundred million times.

– A large number of users used to use their name in the password, and this makes it easier to guess.

The word “Liverpool” has appeared a lot in passwords, and it is likely that it is due to the growing popularity of Liverpool FC in the world.

Ferrari and Porsche were the most used types of cars for passwords.

– Dolphin was the animal most present in passwords.

– Females used ILoveyou more in passwords than males, and males, on the other hand, used insults in passwords more than females.

– All these notes help in choosing the most appropriate password for the accounts, so if one of them applies to any password you adopt, change it directly. The new password is better to be complex, long, and change periodically, and not use the same on more than one platform.