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Self-love is a reading learned from the book The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Ibrahim El-Feki – may God have mercy on him –

Mariya en amraoui

Others will treat you the same way you treat yourself

A word absent from me and many like me – self-love – today I talk to you about the most important thing that could change your life and make you fly in the sky of success.

Before we begin, we have to know that there is a big and essential difference between self-love and selfishness. The selfish person actually hates himself, but he is superior to people for his sense of self-hatred. In our society, we find that people criminalize any attempt to express self-love, for example, you hear, self-slander, contempt. The self and such words change our behavior towards ourselves, so we automatically hate ourselves without feeling, so if we want to change the way we behave with ourselves we have to make her like our best friend, and always ask yourself, “Do I give myself the same amount of care and consideration? Do I I treat myself with the same kindness and respect as I treat my friends?”, and on the basis of evaluating the answers to these questions you can look for the reason why you did not do this to yourself, then treat yourself as you treat your friend, and watch carefully the messages you send to yourself.

Many people struggle with themselves because one part of themselves is always in conflict with the other. In order to begin a way to improve self-esteem, we must follow these steps:

1 _ Talk to yourself kindly:

Always treat yourself as if you were a loving friend, and never try to call yourself names and never hurt her for an inappropriate behavior, so how can we expect others to love and respect us while we do this towards ourselves, you can constantly love your inner self that is always trying to Become a more disciplined and realistic person.

2_ Compliment yourself

Give yourself at least one compliment every day instead of waiting for others to like the quality of your work or your appearance, and every time you achieve a big or small achievement, give yourself a compliment and encouragement.

3_ Express your gratitude:

It is not possible for a person to live a tender life full of good feelings, without feeling that he is a loved and respected person. Phrases such as: Every day I get healthier and brighter, the more I love and appreciate myself, the more beautiful I am, as a joke ^_^, I am a kind person and have a desire to interact with others…

get love:

In order to get love, you must first learn to live with yourself. If you are “single” you can create conditions for love, that is, to become a person who loves yourself and others, and is loved by yourself and others, and instead of wasting time in loneliness and pain, a period of time can be considered Being single is enough time for self-growth, this will be your perfect opportunity to develop your inner sources and renew your sense of self-confidence.

I conclude this article by saying to the lovers of Ibrahim al-Faqi, may God have mercy on him

Live every moment as if it were the last in your life.

live by faith, live by hope,

Live with love, live with struggle,

Appreciate the value of life.