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It’s Time To Pass Laws Restricting What Men Can Do With Their Body

Her Body, Her Choice

For centuries, men have been making life-changing decisions about what women can and can not do with their bodies. And when it comes to the issue of abortion, no other has been more contentious and controversial since the historic Supreme Court decision in 1973 in ROE Vs Wade. A decision that gave women the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy without excessive government restriction.

The verdict was 7-2 in favour of Roe, re-affirming a woman’s right to privacy and choosing to abort a pregnancy are in the constitution. Unfortunately, there continue to be many groups that do not agree with the Supreme Court’s decision and have continued to challenge the ruling throughout the judicial system.

With the appointment of more conservative justices to the federal courts and now having a majority on the Supreme court, there have been more rulings in favour of pro-choice groups and legislations. Governments are becoming more emboldened to their donors and religious organizations to change laws and make it more difficult for women to have safe abortions.

Having the ability for a woman to have a medical procedure performed safely under the supervision of medical experts should never be taken away. But that is what’s happening across America

In Texas and Alabama, abortion laws created by governments made up predominantly of men, that make it illegal for women to have an abortion, with no exceptions for survivors of rape or incest.

The continuous assault on women’s rights pushed America back into the stone ages. An era where men have all the power and make the laws. Correction, for the most part, America never left that period in history. The question now becomes, how does the country move forward?

Moving forward will require some creative measures being we are in 2021 and women rights are disappearing. To swing the pendulum back to some form of equality, America needs to put the following laws in place that apply nationally to all levels of government.

  1. Halt all laws in force and those making their way through the various judicial systems that negatively affect women and their freedoms.
  2. Put in place a panel comprised entirely of women to review those laws and have the ability to remove them.
  3. New laws are to be written by a panel comprising entirely of women enforcing what men can and can not do with their body and penis. For example, when, where and how they can use their penis and how long. And what happens to them when they choose to violate a woman’s right in cases such as rape or incest, causing an unwanted pregnancy.
  4. A new law that initiates the automatic removal for any Supreme Court Justice or any serving in a role of magistrate should they rule on abortion matters in contradiction to their sworn statements made under oath regarding ROE vs Wade at the time of their confirmation or appointment. The law would further impose a permanent ban from acting as a servant in any courts within America and subjected to perjury charges.

It’s only fair that women be allowed to put laws in place to restrict the acts of the men that are denying them their rights to equality. If such laws were in place, we can only hope it would act as a deterrent from some of the dumb shit that comes out of the mouths of men that eventually make their way into becoming the law.

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