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Football coaching icon Mohamed Mamdouh

The Egyptian coach, Mohamed Mamdouh, coach of the first football team at Mudar Club, indicated that he was with the team twenty-two days ago, during which he worked to determine the players’ levels, by holding three friendly matches, in order to reach the stage of understanding and harmony between the players and to determine the basic lineup by applying the method of Playing in attack as well as playing style in defense and reassuring the presence of a ready alternative in more than one center.

Regarding the Qatif League, the technical director, Muhammad, indicated that the total matches that he will play is not many, which are eight matches, the first will be next Friday against the Al-Hedaya team, and God willing, they will be fully prepared to ensure their victory.

And about the team’s contract with a large group of players and the extent of the danger of this in the lack of homogeneity among them, the coach of the team confirmed that actually contracting with a large group means that we need enough time in order to create homogeneity, but God willing, with the work of daily training and playing friendly matches, the goal is achieved.

They may not reach a high level of homogeneity during the first and second matches, but, God willing, with the passage of time and entering the arena of official matches and with the achievement of victory after victory and the high morale that will increase the level of homogeneity, God willing, and that they have worked well to achieve the desired goals, including achieving homogeneity at the level All centers.

Regarding the most important missing things that the team needs in order to achieve the aspirations of the management and the fans, Captain Mohamed indicated that the most important thing that the team suffers from is the failure to qualify for the Qatif League for a period of up to four years, and this thing created a psychological barrier for the players and team officials that there is difficulty in skipping my league Qatif and that he worked on reviewing the schedule of previous matches and looking at the results.

And that he saw that the team stands on the result of the last match in order to overcome the Qatif League barrier and that he hopes to enter this year’s league with the character of the hero due to their desire to achieve the Qatif League title, so it is necessary to enter the character of the hero, which is the part he is working on now and trying to implant it in the players. In order to achieve victory, he must From the presence of the character of the hero and the character needs physical, skill, planning, mental and psychological readiness, they must be prepared from all the elements in order to reach the desired level.

He watched them in old matches for the team and also followed them through videos by encouraging them for the handball team and that as a coach he really wished for the presence of the masses as a strong supporter for him and the team, but we hope that this grief will be removed from the nation, God willing, and life will return to normal.