Canada Plays Favourites, Bans African Nations For Omicron, But Not America Or The UK
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Canada Plays Favourites, Bans African Nations For Omicron, But Not America Or The UK

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The UK and United States have reported the largest cases of the Omicron variant not Africa.

The Canadian government has decided to play politics with the Omicron COVID-19 variant by imposing strict travel bans on 10 African nations. According to Transport Minister Omar Alghabra, he is acting on the recommendations of the Canadian Health agencies. They believe these African nations are the biggest threat to spreading the Omicron variant.

In a recent interview with CBC radio, Minister Alghabra indicated the Canadian government is singling out specific African countries out of caution and precedent to how they have been handling COVID-19.

It was alarming to hear the transport Minister speak on the Omicron variant. It appears he lacks the understanding and competence to properly articulate Canada’s decision to place travel restrictions on African nations. Hence the reason why he was continuously referring back to his talking points throughout the interview.

Alghabra knew that the highest number of reported cases of the Omricon variant is within the United States and throughout the UK. And was asked why are they not subjected to a travel ban, he skirted around the question and failed to provide any scientific reason and once again referred back to his talking points.

Using selective inclusion to determine what countries are allowed to enter Canada remains contradictory towards the science they claim to be guiding their decisions.

Transport Minister Alghabra’s lack of reasoning and logic to impose COVID-19 restrictions regarding the Omicron variant, indicates his inexperience and calls into question his competency and ability to make fair decisions without playing politics and appeasing the United States and the UK.

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