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Emmanuel Kulu Writes on Black Pharaohs

                    Emmanuel Kulu Writes On Black Pharaohs

                                         By Steve Ogah

Emmanuel Kulu’s new books are a spotlight on the Black Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. A historical and mythological fiction, I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power and I, Black Pharaoh: Golden Age of Triumph are fictionalized off meticulous research and his focus on ancient African cultures. The books have characters such as Queen Hatshepsut and Thutmose III, while boasting of 20 illustrations. And how have readers reacted to this brave literary effort from a historian and former hip-hip music CEO?

“The reception has been great! To receive great reviews from different people, cultures, races, around the world has been astounding. I have been asked to do book signings and seminars on Ancient Africa since the release of both novels. As for the sequel, Yes! There will be more books on Ancient Egypt and other Great African Kingdoms. From North to South Africa and from East to West Africa had Golden Ages that need to be told.”

Available information reveals that Emmanuel Kulu, historian and founder of the now rested hip hop label, Tephlon Entertainment; is also a renowned filmmaker with a background in social work. In 2016, his film “The Rize and Fall of Tephlon Entertainment” was adjudged Best Documentary at Creation International Film Festival. More information is available at: and where good books are sold.

Steve Ogah
Steve Ogah
A UEFA accredited Sports Writer, Women's Champions League Final Torino'22(Remote), Steve's the author of Barack Obama's Logic, Freedom Campus & Children of Lekki Tollgate.